Cost Guide

Tree Surgeon Costs Belfast NI

This is a guide to the approximate cost outline and should only be used as a guide to your expectation with regard to the overall prices asked by Arborists and Tree service Firms in Belfast when carrying out tree removal services work and related tasks.  Call us for a free estimate on (028) 9507 2204 

The following outline and guide is an average and approximate guide to expected costs based on industry averages and should be just used as a guide line.  For an exact quote give is a call here today.

Whats Considered When Estimating Tree Service Costs?

Tree height, access to tree’s, limb chipping, local and surrounding buildings, potential damages incurred (if any), length of time to complete job, size and width of tree, overhang of building (does tree lean over building or not).


The average price quoted for most tree service jobs is around £400 – £600, remember this is just an average and again no specific to any one job, if we look back at all tree removal service jobs, they will range from £200 up to £1500 and beyond depending on the task.  The average day’s charge for most trees surgeons is around £500 for the day, this can vary again depending on what equipment is being used, challenges etc but this is an average.

Tree Stump Removal Costs

Other tree services can cost extra such as tree stump removal which usually range between £60 and £280 again depending on size and diameter of the tree, among other factors. 

Factors that Impact The Cost of Tree Removal

  • Size – the overall height of the tree is a critical factor in the cost.
  • Diameter – the tree diameter of the trunk will have an impact on how much you pay for obvious reasons.
  • Location – the location of the trees to be removed, for example, trees that are away from nearby buildings and house will be easier to remove than those alongside neighbouring buildings.  The more risk that is involved, the more expensive it will be to get them removed.
  • Access to location of trees

Tree Removal Costs

Guideline Costs of Tree Removal in Belfast NI

  • Trees up to 20-25 Feet Tall Cost between £200 – £400
  • 25 Ft to 70 Ft – Cost between £200 –  £700
  • 70 ft tall and – up to £1500 and beyond.

Add-on Costs

The following are a list of possible add-on costs that you may be asked to consider.  some people usually want a basic service involving basic tree removal however these costs may not include services such as limb disposal etc.

Limb chipping – instead of getting the limbs take away you may opt for the option to chip the limbs and re-use the chipping in you garden later.  Limb-chipping can cost up to £60 or more depending. Some times this charge is included in the estimate.

Log Splitting – If the tree removal service offers this service, it is a nice extra to have the timber split up for you for you fire.  This can cost up to £100 again depending as an add-on cost.

Location – Depending on where you are located it can be taken into consideration in the cost of getting to you especially you are in a remote area and the return trip may cost more but this is unlikely for most people especially if you know your tree surgeon is local and in the same county.

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