Tree Trimming & Pruning Services in Belfast

Growing and mature trees abound in almost every neighborhood, and if homeowners do not regularly trim and prune them, they may cause serious injury. There are many methods employed to trim and prune trees. However, if you are learning the techniques for the sake of your yard, you do not have to learn a lot of details. You should Leave that to the professionals in Belfast. The task is very easy, and you can learn within a very short time.

If the plants are frequently trimmed your yard maintains a beautiful look. You can shape the plants whichever way you want. However, stay away from designs or patterns which are injurious to the tree. If you are in doubt of the suitable shapes, consult an expert in the field and talk it through with him or her in Belfast city.

Safety is another reason that makes trimming and pruning necessary. Whether the branches are dead or just broken, it is better to take them off. Letting them stay in place is a bad idea because they can fall off hitting people or causing extensive damage. Also, in case they are obscuring the driveway, trimming them is mandatory because they can lead to accidents. Make sure do not touch those who are near utility cables. They need to be handled by professionals from Tree Trimming & Pruning Belfast company.

It is advisable to do the trimming during the dormant season. This period is not the same for all the trees, and you should get to know these details for all the trees in your garden. Pines can be trimmed or pruned any time of the year. However, you should never prune or trim if you are causing damage to your tree.

Be careful when it comes to the deciding on how much of the branches you will do away with. If the diameter is below 5cm, then go ahead with the project. However, anything beyond 5cm ought to be taken care of by a professional. Also, you can decide to let it be if it is not causing any serious disturbances. Branches which form V-shapes should be taken out while those with a U-shape are to be retained.

Before the cut is made, the ridge and collar of the branch ought to be identified. The collar needs to be protected, and it is on the anterior aspect of the tree. The cutting should be made at the ridge which is located at the lower side of the stem. If you are in a position to use the three-cut method in trimming, then you can employ it when dealing with long stems.

You will cut the trimming cost if you do the job instead of hiring specialist. They usually charge too much. However, if you have time constraints, they can save your yard. Irrespective of the situation you are in, make sure the plants are trimmed. In case you don’t have the necessary skills, just call a professional to trim your plants. We are the best in Belfast, and you can call us via (028) 9507 2204 to get a free quote. We are the best in town.

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